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Recognize the Symptoms of Herpes in the Eye and Its Treatment

Not only in the genitals, herpes can also attack the eyes. However, the herpes virus that attacks the eye is different from the genital herpes virus, so herpes in the eye is not a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes disease in the eye is caused by two types of herpes virus, namely varicella-zoster virus and herpes simplex virus 1. Varicella-zoster virus is the same as the virus that causes chickenpox and shingles, while the herpes simplex 1 virus is the same as the herpes virus which also attacks the mouth. Before these two viruses infect the eye, someone should have been stricken with this virus, both in the form of chicken pox and cold sores. Therefore, the doctor will usually ask the patient if he had previously suffered from the disease. After attacking humans, these two types of herpes virus will live around nerve fibers without causing problems. This virus only causes problems and moves from one area of ​​the body to another when the immune system declines due to an illness
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Can Laser Teeth Whitening Be Safe, Let's Find Out the Explanation

Various ways can be done to get white teeth, and teeth whitening with laser light is one of the options. This bright white tooth color will support the beauty of one's smile. One way to get natural white teeth is a laser teeth whitening procedure performed by a dentist. First of all, the dentist will apply material that works to remove stains on the outer layer of the tooth. Then, to increase the effectiveness and speed up the work process of teeth whitening materials, heat is needed from the laser beam. The use of lasers in the teeth whitening process can also provide a faster enlightening effect, which is around 30-60 minutes after treatment begins. Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure Before doing teeth whitening, the dentist will make sure your teeth are free of tartar and cavities. Teeth that are clean and free of holes are needed to maximize the results of treatment and reduce sensitivity after teeth whitening. In addition, the dentist will ask if you have sensitive teeth

Recognize the Causes of Tooth Pain and Tips to Prevent it Here

Tooth ache when brushing teeth or when consuming certain foods and drinks is an inconvenience that is often experienced by people with sensitive teeth. Tooth ache problems because these sensitive teeth have various causes. However, there are also preventative steps you can take to overcome them. Pain in teeth due to sensitive teeth generally occurs due to erosion of the protective layer of teeth (tooth enamel). The erosion of tooth enamel causes exposed layers of teeth called dentin to the outside of the teeth. When dentin which is rich in nerve fibers is exposed to various stimuli such as food and cold drinks, heat, acids, or certain other activities that involve teeth, then the nerve fibers of the teeth will be stimulated so that there is a sense of pain in the teeth. In some cases, dentin can also be exposed due to shrinkage or gum disease which then causes tooth ache and pain. Causes of Tooth Pain and Preventive Steps By recognizing the cause, you can take preventative steps